Monday, 30 November 2015

The Horror House

The room looks like a mess
But I couldn't care less
The t.v is beaming
Throughout the rotting ceiling
A harmless display?
A treat for the eye?
Perhaps, but be aware
For appearances lie
I looked in the draws
And witnessed old rusty saws

The room looked poor
Pieces of the ceiling covers the floor
Pieces of the wall has being tore
The bed is covered
In pieces from the wall

It smells like trash
It also smells like a man that had no shower year after year
It feels like i’m in a monster's lair
I can see a cool t.v but it dosen’t work
The roof and floor needs to be clean without a smirk
It looks like a dump area
The bed felt like someone wet the bed
“What happened?”, as I said

I can smell rat poo
I can also see a rotten shoe
I can hear rats running around
I can also hear a awful sound
I can feel something crawling up my arm
As it makes its way i feel really num

This room is dirty and also it’s awful and needs more cleaning
The floors are Beaming
and the roof is screaming
It smells like Garbage
so much carnage
need more varnish
So the wooden floors
won’t tarnish
It looks like trash that
has been smashed and clashed
When i walk in the room the room gave way
then i walked away so i could go to the cafe
instead of going the hard way

Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Maths Work

This is my for and I haven't posted for a long time but hope you enjoy.

Google Expectation

Year 8 went into the street and saw some cardboard. We didn't know what the cardboard were for so we listen to Miss Tele'a. She told us that it had a phone inside but we can't use it until it was the year 8. Finally after lunch we got back to the street and listen to Miss Tele'a again and we get to use it.

The first thing that happen was it said waiting for teacher because they were showing us about other country. The picture we looked at was so real because we get to move around and it was kind of weird. Most of the people thought they can go close but you can't so they just bump into they friend. We looked at Borneo rain forest, Palace of Versailles, The burj khalifa and space. My 

Friday, 20 November 2015


Today Andrew came and told year 8 about collage. He told us about what happens when we get to collage how it's our first time. When some of the year 8 get's to collage their probably be shy and also they won't have much friends.

It feels wired going collage because it's not the same when your friends are not in your class. Some people told me that if your late to collage you have to stand up in front of the class and tell everyone why your late and then you have to write lines.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Leader Ship

Nearly every Thursday we attend to leadership group for boys. It was fun because we learn more about how to become a leader. Thanks to the boy for coming because some of them are my friend and I wasn't kind of shy anymore when they were around. Some of you people who's reading this hope you can learn as well when your year 7/8 and hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Petea for help the group and thanks for the feed to on the last day have a good year. Also thanks to these boys that was in my group(SatekiSimonPeteliChristopherDemaysunSolofouniHenry, Owen
FrankMaroroa)Anyone can be a leader if you try.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


At Assembly I saw some balloon and then Mr Burt told some of the prefix to cut the balloon so it will float. Mr Burt even done it to a small taxi that he had it for a long time and then it was Team 1. Team 1 was about them going to the Zoo and they were going to find out how they keep the animals safe.

Then they was Team 2 they one was about flying an airplane and even Gravity. Team 2 one was funny because the airplane that they made keep on falling. Then They was Team 3 and they one was about colors, rainbow and waves they one was very very amazing.

Team 4 was about Floating and sinking and they had a movie and that was cool and my old teacher was in it Mr S. The last Team was Team 5 and they one had my teacher Miss Paget and they did Sound. Team 5 had a movie of them playing their instruments and that was so so cool.

The Lost Phone

The Lost Phone
First of all it was Tuesday 3pm school was finished went home and had a shower before going to disco. It was finally 6pm went to Jonson house and we chat for a while. Jonson’s mum comes out and we were ready to go. We got dropped off at the dairy and we just walk to disco, when we got there we got our tickets to get in and also for our food.

We got inside not much people was there. minutes went past and people started coming and the music started that's when everyone started to dance. Some people took pictures and then My friend too my phone to take pictures for me. We had to help some people not to run around and no fights or someone could get injured.

Time went past when it was time to leave and then I found out that my phone was missing. I told the teachers and they told the other kids. The next day after Miss Telea saw a phone on her desk with to ideas and she give it to me and said “Your phone was on my table”.

I was wondering how it got there and who stole it but I was glad I got my phone back stay. So the next day I keeped it in my bag turn it off and it was safe to. I had to keep it safe or no more phone.
Image result for vodafone mini 4to be continued...